Southover Woods FAQ's

General information and health and safety:

We have built our own composting loos with pits below them. Please use these loos for your poos, but whenever possible go for wild wees. To help with the composting process please put ash from your fires on top of your waste in the drop below the loo. If you have run out of ash then use mulch from the wood floor or sawdust provided in the welcome hut or found on the quarry floor. 

Water is available at 3 standpipes. We provide one aquaroll of water at Craftsmen, Greyhound and Tenders, but we don’t provide water containers to any other pitches so please bring your own.

Logs are available at a cost of £10 per bag and you can buy online at time of booking.

There are grills on each firepit for cooking on, but we don’t supply leather gloves or BBQ tools, or equipment for cutting wood and kindling.

Our showers are wild and can be filled with warm or cold water, and then pulled up and tilted. We provide a shower enclosure made by ourselves with a rubber mat on the ground for keeping your feet out of the mud. If you want a warm shower we encourage you to heat the water on your fire pit and fill your shower from this to your desired temperature.  A kettle is provided by each shower, please return it to the shower after use. 

N.B. Please note that the access to the campsite is via a woodland track which is  about 1.5 miles long. It is  a forest track with potholes in places and is not considered suitable for vehicles with low trim e.g. some sports cars.

Safety in Southover woods – our woods are wild natural places full of badger and fox dens, shake holes and branches, trees and puddles and ponds. There are many ways that people can fall or hurt themselves and we cannot take any responsibility for this. Of note in our woodland are the numerous shake or sink holes. These are scattered throughout and make the terrain very unpredictable and very interesting. Branches can fall from trees in high winds and we reserve the right to close the site if the weather forecast is very severe. Fires are the sole responsibility of those who light them. There are often deer in the woods in the early part of the season. Where deer are present there are also sometimes ticks present, particularly in long grass. For advice in regard to tick management please refer to Public Health England advice.

If you book a pitch in Southover woods you are taking full responsibility for your safety and for the safety of those in your party.  

Campground Rules